Epicenter Entertainment


Josh Caudill

Josh is an owner and one of the original founders of Epicenter Entertainment. His story starts from simple beginnings of DJing in between innings at his family softball games and being paid in batteries for his boom box to keep the music going. He loves how doing something as simple as playing the right song, at the right time, can bring crowd together and create an amazing amount of energy and excitement. A 20 year vet of the entertainment industry, Josh brings his love of performance and showmanship to every event. He says “For me, it’s about engaging the audience, drawing their attention, and then directing it on where it belongs whether that is the bride & groom or the birthday boy or girl”. He brings formal training of a degree in theatrical lighting and special effects as well as years of experience as an event planner to help his clients mold and shape their dreams into a memorable occasion.

To have Josh start helping you create your dreams give us a call at 765-491-0378.


Neil Radtke

Neil joined Epicenter Entertainment in 2011, and brings with him a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to every event. Neil dedicates himself to making your event a special one that you’ll remember for a long time. You may recognize him from being on stage for Lafayette’s Civic Theater where he has been in many stage performances. Neil will use his knowledge of musical genres to ensure that your crowd has a spectacular time at your event. So, whatever you need, whether it be professional sounding announcements, a showman to get the party going, or just someone to make sure the hits keep on playing, he is ready to make you happy with the entire show. “My bottom line is always to make sure the people who have hired Epicenter Entertainment get exactly what they want from their event or special occasion.”


Jason Caudill

As an owner and operator of Epicenter Entertainment, Jason is a unique individual in the business. Having not only spent time at Purdue University in Sound Engineering, he also has the added accomplishment of being a professionally trained musician. As one of the top Event Hosts for Epicenter, Jason is able to use his education in music to provide an added dimension to the company’s service capabilities. Whether it is looking for the right jazz background for your event, to adding in a live component to the performance, Jason is able to help create an environment and sonic landscape unique to your special night. 
For an added flair at your event Jason can also provide live spinning and is currently working on adding video mixing to his repertoire. In his own words, Jason believes that “each event is unique and so the music needs to be unique as well”.
To have Jason help create your unique event give us a call at 765-426-2059