Epicenter Entertainment


Every DJ company out there uses terms like “Professional” and “Cutting-Edge” to sell both themselves and their gear, even though what you end up getting may be just a step above a home stereo system.

So, how is Epicenter any different? Throughout the process of purchasing equipment we consult with industry insiders, distributors, and DJs from all around the nation to be sure that we are getting the gear that is going to enable us to create the best live experience for our clients. Epicenter proudly utilizes equipment from high-end manufacturers such as Mackie, Martin Professional, Audio-Technica, SoundCraft, Ots Labs, American DJ, and Pioneer Pro DJ, among others. Haven’t heard of some of these companys? Well, that’s because you’ll only find them in professional atmospheres such as dance clubs, rock concerts, and even on MTV!

So, what does this all boil down to? We use great gear to ensure that you have a great Epicenter experience.